January Newsletter

Welcoming the new year... And new products!

2022 has come to a close, and we’re eager to get into 2023. We’ve grown a lot as a small business this last year. We launched a new kickstarter, moved into a new shop, and our favorite new thing- we’ve met lots of you at various renaissance faires and events!

This next year, we’ll be attending even more renaissance faires and some conventions. We’ll be announcing those on our newsletters, so keep an eye out for that!

This year will also bring some new products that we’ve been working on. We had some ideas already in the works, and then got many more wonderful ideas from the survey! Thank you for your feedback- it definitely let us know we are going in the right direction, and gave us some wonderful ideas.

2022 was a bumpy ride, but we have been incredibly thankful for the wonderful people who support our business. We couldn’t do what we love without you. 

Happy new year! May 2023 be filled with many Nat 20’s.

Dwarven Brewery Dice Tower
Just Launched
Grab some whiskey from the stills, sit by the fire, and Moradins' Blessing be upon your dice with this Dwarven Brewery Dice Tower.

This tower is as sturdy as the dwarven brewery it was molded after. Designed as a multi-tier brewhouse, stills cling to the side of the towers connected by a series of pipes and the visage of the Great Moradin himself perches above the entrance. Your dice start their journey at the top floor and slosh their way through the brewery, for a truly dwarvish blessing. No dwarf worth his beard would be caught without it!

Now available at 
Dice Towers – Talon & Claw (shoptalonclaw.com)
Screen Re-Launch
Cthulu Rising and Odin's Wisdom
It's taken us a minute to get caught back up enough to feel confident enough to re-launch these screens. After our laser engraver bit the dust for almost a month, and with the holidays, we had to make them unavailable
Order them today at Dungeon Master Screens – Tagged "DM Screen" – Talon & Claw (shoptalonclaw.com)
What are our artists up to?
One of Cait's gorgeous pieces- the painted Astrolabe!
Don't forget to follow her @cait_greer
Link tree: https://linktr.ee/caitgreer
88Riddles has a whole bunch of vaults he's been painting.
Follow him @88Riddles.
Link tree: https://linktr.ee/88riddles
T&C Pick of the Month
Anthony’s pick of the month: Hanging Lanterns Dual Hex Hero Vault
Winter days are short and dark. The lanterns light your path. This beautiful design was made by Cait.

You can get your vault now at Dice Storage – Talon & Claw (shoptalonclaw.com)
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