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RagnaBorg (Digital Copy)

RagnaBorg (Digital Copy)

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RagnaBorg is a fast paced Setting and Adventure using the Mork Borg Engine! Create warriors in a Fantasy Norse environment in the final days of Ragnarok! This zine gives you all you need to create characters and play in an epic tale of Violence and Honor as you battle your way to Valhalla!



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Charles Knighton
RagnaBorg Review

The whole concept of RagnaBorg is great. The unique adaptation of the Mork Borg mechanics to Norse mythology makes for a really fast and fun RPG. Combat was made even better with the "YAY VIOLENCE" chart for critical roles. Play a heavy metal soundtrack in the background as your group fights its way to Valhalla. Who knew that victory was being disemboweled by a two head boar only to be carried away by the Valkyries. Dying has never been so much fun. With a little imagination, I had to home brew the Loki's Luck because I just couldn't find if in the pdf file. I also spent a lot of time looking for the soundtrack mentioned in the pdf. I highly recommend running a RagnaBorg game.

Bruno Lampreia
Happy but

Am loving it, but there could be more content. Keep up the good work.